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EZ Shaper Pro XL

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C’mon! You can do it! Complete over 100 exercises with the EZ Shaper PRO! Tony Little is helping you get in shape with this portable, lightweight exercising tool. Forget the bulky weights and heavy gym equipment. Assembles in minutes. The included power cord resistance bands give you all the versatility you need for an ultra-portable fitness program you can enjoy anytime from the comfort of your home.

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The EZ Shaper PRO XL Gets You In Shape FAST With Minimal Impact On Your Body

The perfect workout tool for anywhere! Use at home or while on the go. Hover over each icon to learn more

Use at home or while on the go. Customize your intensity in seconds by simply rolling the bar!

Variable Resistance Cords

Includes variable-resistance cords that can be adjusted from 5lbs to 50lbs

Lightweight & Portable

Weighs just 2lbs and comes in 3 easy-to-assemble pieces.

100's of Exercises

May be used for a variety of toning exercises, including: – Cardio
– Body Shaping – Body Sculpting – Pilates –
Stretching – CrossFit – Dance – Body Building –
Strength Training – Exercise from a chair

Full Body Workouy

Provides a full-body workout without weights or bulky fitness machines

Fully Adjustable

Unique-shaped padded bar adjusts for use in multiple ways for different exercises

Variable Resistance Cords
Lightweight & Portable
100's of Exercises
Full Body Workouy
Fully Adjustable

PLUS, It Will Save You Time & Money!

EZ Shaper PRO XL Can Save You

$ 0 's In Equipment Cost

Works Anywhere

Assembles In Seconds


The EZ Shaper PRO XL can be used at home and on-the-go. It assembles in seconds, folds into a compact form factor and most importantly replaces dozens of pieces of gym equipment saving you $1,000’s.

Brought To You By The #1 Fitness Expert And Guru Tony Little

For those of you who are not familiar with “America’s Personal Trainer”™, Mr. Tony Little, you are about to discover the incredible power of change. For those of you that do know him, you know how truly POWERFUL his story is. Tony is the textbook definition of “Adversity to Victory”. Tony has succeeded against all odds, and with strong convictions and a deep caring for people he has brought physical fitness into mainstream America in a way that has enhanced the physical appearance, personal stamina and emotional outlook of his trainees.

More than 45,000,000 people worldwide have benefited from his exercise programs. Without a doubt, Tony knows the formula for success. His life has been a painful one at times, but his attitude on overcoming obstacles is simple, “Conceive, Believe and Achieve™”

Join the over 1 million people who Use Tony's EZ Shaper

1000's of 5-Star Reviews and counting. 100's of people buy the EZ Shaper PRO XL each week!

EZ Shaper PRO XL VS Traditional Equipment

No gym required! Use EZ Shaper PRO XL from the comfort of your own home without having to purchase a gym membership

EZ Shaper PRO XL

EZ Shaper PRO XL

EZ Shaper PRO XL Replaces All Of This Equipment!

Using EZ Shaper PRO XL is the simplest

It’s as easy as 1,2,3! EZ Shaper PRO XL assembles in seconds allowing you to quickly begin your workout.

1. Unpack

EZ Shaper PRO unpacks in seconds. Remove the materials from the convenient storage case.

2. Assemble

Assembly is simple! Snap the EZ Shaper PRO XL bar together and attach the resistance bands.

3. Work Out

Start your workout! Perform one of Tony's recommended workouts included in the 47 page exercise and nutrition guide or complete your own.

Hear From Professionals

Professionals love EZ Shaper PRO! Watch the videos to learn how they use EZ Shaper PRO with their clients.

Christie - Personal Trainer

” Easily increase resistance just by turning the bands”

Diana - Personal Trainer

“I was amazed at how much variety it gave me”

Shawn - Group Exercise Instructor

“My clients have fallen in love with it!”

AND Join The 1,000s Who Are Working Out With Tony Little And The EZ Shaper

You Can Do It!

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Today’s Price: $52.95

SAVE $52 Versus The Normal Price of $105.90 (50% OFF)