EZ Shaper PRO XL vs Traditional Gym Equipment

No gym required! Use EZ Shaper PRO XL from the comfort of your own home without having to purchase a gym membership

EZ Shaper PRO XL is the #1 Gym Equipment on the Market

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Tony Little built the The EZ Shaper PRO XL and it is one of the most popular gym equipment on the market. 

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“My clients have fallen in love with it!” – Shawn, Group Exercise Instructor

Here are the benefits you can expect

With Tony Little’s EZ Shaper PRO XL, you can workout in the comfort of your own home without having to purchase a gym membership. 

Simply unpack, assemble, and workout. It’s That Easy!

One of the many reasons that I love Tony Little’s EZ Shaper PRO XL is that it keeps me in shape while on the go (without having to find a local gym). 

I also love that it saves me money on gym memberships, it’s easy to use (as in, I don’t have to read the instructions for over 20 minutes to start using it), it assembles in seconds, and folds into a compact form factor for easy storage. 

Here’s why the EZ Shaper PRO XL is better than regular gym equipment……

    • Enjoy the all-in-one exerciser VS Not an all-in-one exerciser
    • Adjustable weights up to 100lbs VS Can’t adjust weights up to 100lbs
    • Easy to use VS Not easy to use
    • Portable and compact VS Not portable and compact

This is a win-win for all types of fitness enthusiasts. 

EZ Shaper PRO XL

EZ Shaper PRO XL

EZ Shaper PRO XL Replaces All Of This Equipment!

Here’s how you can grab this innovative product today

Here’s the thing, the EZ Shaper PRO XL Does It All! Plus……

Not only does it save you time compared to going to the gym, it also saves you $ and gets you in shape FAST with minimal impact on your body. 

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EZ Shaper PRO XL is the #1 Gym Equipment on the Market!


But wait there’s more…… buyer testimonials, other cool uses —

Check out these testimonials from other verified buyers who have, in fact, purchased and used Tony Little’s EZ Shaper PRO XL.

Susie. gives it 5 stars and says:

“Love it. I got 2 of them. Best workout for me in a long time. I highly recommend it”

Zaida G. gives it 5 stars and says:

“I Love It. Great way to exercise if you have to travel. Easy to take it apart. Easy to do exercises. Good price.”

Carol W. gives it 5 stars and says:

“Love this product. Very easy to use. Full workout with the orange band and going to intermediate on time.”

It’s not only designed to easily help you get in shape and stay fit, the EZ Shaper PRO XL has also revolutionized the way people are working out.

Ready to have a fitness experience like no other? 

You can do it!

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Hear From Professionals

Professionals love EZ Shaper PRO! Watch the videos to learn how they use EZ Shaper PRO with their clients.

Christie - Personal Trainer

” Easily increase resistance just by turning the bands”

Diana - Personal Trainer

“I was amazed at how much variety it gave me”

Shawn - Group Exercise Instructor

“My clients have fallen in love with it!”

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